Reasons For A Contractor To Use A Cargo Van Instead Of A Pickup Truck

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Many contractors drive pickup trucks as their work vehicles, and there are a lot of reasons that this vehicle can be a good choice. It's not the only vehicle that is suitable if you're a contractor, however, so it's always beneficial to consider what other options are available. Whether you've reached the point that you need to replace your pickup truck or you're a new contractor who is looking for your first vehicle, one option to think about is a cargo van. Cargo vans offer a number of desirable features and can be preferable to pickup trucks for the following reasons.

More Storage Space

While the bed of a pickup truck can provide space to carry a number of items, you'll often find that a cargo van has even more room. This is partly due to the fact that you're able to pile items much higher inside of a cargo van than you could pile them in the bed of a pickup truck. Regardless of what type of contractor you are, you likely carry a lot of supplies from job to job. Having a large amount of storage space in your cargo van means that you won't need to use a utility trailer — something that many contractors pull behind their pickup trucks.

Better Security

Contractors can sometimes be concerned about having valuable items in the beds of their pickup trucks. For example, while you're inside a customer's home, someone could walk past your truck and steal a power tool out of the truck bed — leaving you to deal with the frustrating and time-consuming process of filing an insurance claim for the theft. A cargo van provides better security because your items won't be visible to people. Upon locking the van, you can be confident that your tools and supplies will be safe inside, whether you're at a client's home or the van is parked in your own driveway overnight.

More Room For Signage

Many contractors enjoy decorating their vehicles with vinyl graphics and other types of signage that can attract attention around the community and lead to more business. A pickup truck provides minimal space for these graphics; for example, you might put a sign on each of the doors. With a cargo van, you have significantly more room for signage that will make your vehicle really stand out. For example, you can put a large image of your logo on the side of the van, a list of the various services that you provide, and your contact information — all without the design looking cramped. Contact a local dealer to learn more about cargo vans, including Ford Transits.


5 April 2021

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