Seven Mistakes Motorists Sometimes Make When In Need Of Roadside Assistance

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Breakdowns and accidents on the roadway can be some of the scariest and most frustrating experiences motorists experience. However, you can avoid trouble when it comes to roadway breakdowns if you plan ahead and are aware of common mistakes.

The following are seven mistakes motorists sometimes make when in need of roadside assistance. 

Not having roadside assistance

The biggest mistake you could possibly make is not having roadside assistance service arranged beforehand. A roadside assistance plan is a lifesaver when you're out on the road and a problem comes up.

Find the right roadside assistance provider so that you know who to turn to right away when you experience a breakdown. 

Not having a kit prepared for such situations

If you break down and require roadside assistance, you might need to wait for some time before your roadside assistance provider is able to reach you. For this reason, it's a good idea to have a kit prepared. This kit should include first aid supplies, water, snacks, and road flares. 

Trying to take care of emergency repairs independently

If you attempt to perform repairs on your vehicle yourself, you could create unnecessary hazards for yourself and other drivers out on the road. Your roadside assistance provider will be able to tow your vehicle to safety before repairs are properly performed. 

Delaying before calling for roadside assistance

The sooner you call for roadside assistance, the sooner your vehicle will be back on the road again running properly. Don't waste any time so that you can fix the problem as quickly as possible. 

Failing to get their vehicle to a secure location before calling

Hopefully, you'll be able to pull your vehicle over off to the side of the road. You need to do everything you can to avoid creating an obstacle on the road with your broken down vehicle. This will keep you and other motorists safe. 

If you cannot get your vehicle entirely off the roadway, put some flares down starting a good distance behind your vehicle on the road to warn other drivers that they are approaching an obstacle. 

Being unable to give details about their location

When you call in for roadside assistance, you're going to need to provide information about your location. Think of all the details you can provide about your location before you speak with your roadside assistance provider so that they can more quickly find you. 

Not taking a moment to survey the damage before calling

If you can get your vehicle entirely off of the road, you can take a moment to survey the damage before calling. This way you can provide some basic information to your roadside assistance provider about why you've broken down and what is preventing your vehicle from running.    


13 July 2020

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