Why Driving School Is Better Than High School Driving Classes

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A simple truth that all parents need to understand is that the world of their children is not the same world of their own childhood. From laws and legislation to popular beliefs and practices, the world has changed drastically in the last 20-30 years. Many of these changes have been for the better, while some have not been so great. One change, for example, is that driver education courses are no longer offered in most high schools. Instead, each student must find a driving school to enroll in. This means that in order to learn to drive, students must be proactive in order to get that coveted license by the age of 16. Fortunately, this change comes with many benefits. Here are a few reasons why it is a good thing that you must find an independent driving school for your child.

Professional Teachers

Instead of driver's ed being taught by a high school P.E. coach because there was no one else with time in their schedule, driving school classes are taught by professionals. Driving school teachers have been trained specifically for these courses, helping students to understand the rules and regulations of the road in a way that is easy to understand. These driving teachers have years of experience with stories to illustrate the importance of taking driving lessons seriously. 

More Personal Classes

Since these classes are not taught to an entire high school class, most teens feel that these lessons are more personal. Fewer students in class mean more time for teachers to answer specific questions and reduce worry in these young drivers. Smaller classes offer an improved experience for all present.

Increased Comfort Behind the Wheel

Along with smaller classes, more personalized lessons allow for individuals to feel more confident when it is their turn to get behind the wheel. This is due not only to their questions being answered but also to the trust that they have established with their teachers. Instead of wondering if they will be safe if they make a mistake, many students of driving schools feel supported by their teachers and fellow classmates. 

In conclusion, driver's education may not be what it once was, but it just might be better. When signing your kid up with an independent driving school, look at it as a chance to give them a better education. 

To learn more, contact a driving school in your area.


16 April 2020

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